What is Misophonia?

Do you feel like screaming with rage when you hear someone chewing with their mouth open, coughing or sneezing repetitively, clicking a pen, typing on a keyboard, eating a crunchy carrot or jingling coins in their pocket? Does the sound of tapping, clicking or crinkling make you angry and make you feel like you’re going to fly off the handle? When you noise in ears listen fingers businessmanexperience these problem sounds, have you wondered what is wrong and why you have intense emotional reactions to sounds that other people don’t seem to even notice? Has this problem been going on for a while and you don’t know why? Guess what. You’re not alone!

Welcome to Misophonia Online – a website that seeks to bring awareness of this sound sensitivity to the public and provide support to those who suffer from this little known syndrome. Misophonia is also sometimes referred to as selective sound sensitivity syndrome; a condition in which a person reacts irrationally to certain sounds that most people relegate to unimportant background noise.

The disorder is characterized by extremely negative and immediate emotional responses that are not related to a physical hearing problem. A person sensitive to this condition may find that it impacts daily living, limits social interactions and isolates them from their family, coworkers and others as they attempt to avoid the situations that trigger this unwanted and involuntary reaction.

This website has resources to help you learn more about the condition, suggests coping mechanisms and offers tips to help you manage your individual symptoms. The highlight of the site is the misophonia support forum, a place where you will find an entire community involved in on-going discussion and having interesting and useful conversations about misophonia. There are separate forum sections for friends and family members and a self-test that may help you to begin to investigate your level of sound sensitivity.

Need a brochure for yourself or to give to someone else? Download an informative Misophonia brochure in Microsoft Word format here. Help educate people about selective sound sensitivity syndrome.

Share what Misophonia means to you or how you explain Misophonia to others.

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