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Welcome to Misophonia Online, a website that answers the question “What is misophonia”?

Do you have an emotional reaction to hearing someone eat with their mouth open, chew gum, or clear their throat? Do you become enraged when you hear repetitive sounds (tapping, pen clicking, typing, etc.) that make you want to escape? Ever feel like lashing out at the source of these sounds? Furthermore, have you ever wondered why you experience these reactions or if you’re the only one who has these problems? When your trigger events occur, does it seem like other people don’t take any notice of the sounds that affect you so strongly?

Guess what…

You’re not alone!

This website provides support to those who have this little-known syndrome and brings awareness of sound sensitivities to the public.

Misophonia is not thought to be caused by an actual hearing problem. The latest research suggests it is sensory processing issue within the brain. Misophonia elicits immediate negative physiological responses to certain sounds that most people don’t seem to notice. This sensitivity can have an adverse effect on a person’s life causing problems with activities of daily living. Interactions with significant people can also be affected by misophonia causing conflict within personal relationships. The disorder can have a harmful effect on one’s support system because the potential for social isolation exists. Sometimes, people with misophonia become withdrawn and shy away from others at school, work, and social situations.

Here, one can find resources that provide information, suggestions for coping mechanisms, and tips to help manage symptoms. Now that the question “What is Misophonia?” has been introduced, it’s time for further exploration. Please accept this invitation to join our discussions, learn about symptoms and triggers, and get answers to your questions about misophonia.

Need a brochure for yourself or to give to someone else? Download an informative misophonia brochure in Microsoft Word format here or an Adobe .pdf file here. You can help educate people about this disorder and give them an answer to the question of “What is Misophonia?”

If you have misophonia, please share your thoughts and answer the question “What misophonia means to me.

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  1. Grumpy Kitten

    ugh my family won’t acknowledge my condition and keep saying that I’m just complicated and fussy every time I get angry when they do the things (by things i mean whispering, breathing loudly, chewing loudly, knocking on a door repeatedly, calling a name over and over, sounds of dragging feet, etc…) the only solution for me is wearing headphones and listen to music. earplugs make it even worse for me since i suffer from Tinnitus as well(the ringing tends to get louder and painful with earplugs on)

  2. Jen

    I had these triggers so badly through my whole childhood, the sound of chewing, hearing any hint of the tv downstairs when I had gone to bed, I fought and struggled my way through it all and went to sleep with my fingers in my ears for years. It went away completely, but now it’s back but only on public transport. If I hear someone chewing I could do something drastic in that moment and am rage-filled. Now I understand all those commuters listening to music.

  3. Cheryl

    I just found out about Misophonia. I was googling etiquette for eating foods while talking on the phone. My husband works at the same place I do and when I call him sometimes he will be chomping and chewing celery. All I want to do is get off the phone with him. I’ve had this eating -sound problem since I was little. My bothers will still talk about how I would become so angry to the point of crying around people chewing their food or chewing their gum. All I would want to do is get away from them. If I couldn’t , I would become so angry. The sound would resonant in my mind even afterward.

    • CatB

      I was exactly like that with eating noises to when I was younger

  4. Kip

    Things will get better kate

  5. Chelsea

    My husband and I live in a condo in which the bedrooms are next to the living rooms of two other condos. Worst housing arrangement I have ever seen. Both neighbors listen to their TVs on full volume and have sound bars and the walls are paper thin. Every single night they watch shows or movies with LOUD and repeated banging and it drives me insane. I don’t know what they are possibly watching for hours on end that has the same repeated sound but even after changing bedrooms it still keeps me up at night and I often sleep on the couch while my husband snores like a baby and can’t hear any of it.

  6. Jackie Bumstead

    I’m so glad it’s not “just me”. There are far too many noises to be listed but this started when I was young. I couldn’t sit near my dad because of the “noises he made when eating”. Drove me bonkers. Now the list is endless, second hand music, loud chewing, sniffing, snorting. Scraping cutlery round plates and bowls. Banging doors and dripping taps. The newest one is a co-worker who everytime the mouse is used, it is picked up and banged on the table. It’s driving me absolutely mad and I’m having to wear earplugs…… I really don’t know what to do

  7. Dangalf

    As a child I was irritated by the sound of my younger brothers breathing, the way irregular rythem he had. Also mouth breathing and open mouth chewing even whispering. I would get so angry but I was just told to ignore it, now my brother and mother understand what was wrong with me almost 30 years ago. It is odd though, that ASMR appeals to me as it uses many of the sounds that repelled me.

  8. John

    Repeated sniffing gets me! (blow your damn nose!!) People scraping their teeth with the fork when eating! Whistling when breathing! The list goes on… need a fix for this as it takes over you and locking yourself away from everyone just isn’t a option.

    • Anne

      I had no idea it was actually a “thing” until I Googled tonight. The volume of the damn TV AND keeping the ads on instead of muting them! The way I say it is this: “I” get irritated but other people don’t. My father got irritated by finger clickin, pen clicking, noisy eating etc. So do my brother and I, but my partner has NO idea or doesn’t find anything at all irritating. I get through some noises because I know they will end :), but I just cannot abide a loud TV or the sound of ads. I have to have some quiet or my head feels overwhelmed and my ears just ring.

    • Maria

      my family won’t respect and understand the fact that I suffer from misophonia. They say that I’m overreacting and that everything is in my head. They say that is stupid and such a thing as misophonia doesn’t exist. Sometimes my dad breaths or yawns so loud, that I get angry and my eyes start to water or when my mom drinks her coffee very loud (hope you understand what I mean) I get so mad at her and I often end up in a fight with her.. I don’t know what to do anymore..

  9. Sophia

    My husband *slurps* his wine – S.L.U.R.P.S his WINE. And mind you, those are some pretty LOUD and NASTY slurp sounds anyone can EVER make. Jeez, I just want to punch him so badly when he does that. To add to that he is a narcissist controlling freak. He does it even more now that he knows it annoys me. Selfish jerk.

  10. Elona

    I feel for everyone here who has this terrible condition and of course I am one of you.
    My main ones are snoring, eating and keyboard typing.
    I have created a system that works okay..ish for me.
    For snoring… I now place the pillow on top of my head, that I can no longer sleep if placed below but at least ithelps(sometimes)

    For eating… I eat too but, if I don’t feel hungry either I leave or put my earplugs (I bet everyone can relate to this).

    Keyboard Typing… this is currently my bigest nightmare. I have changed more jobs than I have been alive. In some places they’ve aloud me to listen to music when I work but, most of them don’t allow you and that is when I become so frustrated and cannot function anymore.
    I always have the one that types with the nails or the one that is s*xually frustrated (I came up with the 2nd one) otherwise, there’s no other explanation as to why someone would type so hard, unless they’re s*xually frustrated.
    Can you please @misofonia advise how can I address this at my work without leaving (again) I have been at this new job for 2 months now and, I really like this job.
    Please any advice would help.
    Thank you

    • Anne

      Soft touch keyboards. I’m a touch typist and I find that typing on a keyboard is absolutely fine but can’t stand the key beeps on a cellphone! Explain the situation to your boss, see if you can work in a quiet place.

  11. Trish

    Thank goodness to find I’m not alone with this disability..😢 it ruins my life.My children suffer too suggesting a genetic tendency..

    • Melissa

      Trish, I definitely think there’s a genetic link, because my son can’t tolerate certain sounds. Mine has gotten worse over the years, so I imagine his will too. It’s amazing how many people have this. I think people just think sounds get on my nerves, but it’s way beyond that. I literally cannot tolerate certain sounds. I hope they find a cure for this.

  12. rob

    Glad I came across this site. I had some good laughs at some of the reactions to sounds such as slurping, chewing, crinckling wrappers…., I guess misery loves company. Isabel, resist the urge to beat and smack that co worker of yours head in the keyboard, although it would probably give you some needed relief 🙂

  13. Jamy

    I have problems with people chewing, biting their nails, breathing and generally what I would describe as “little sounds”. My Nan picks her arms, my boyfriend bites his nails, my cousin chews really slowly and makes sucking sounds. My grandad taps his hands on his leather chair. My brother used to play his ps4 and I could always hear a gentle throbbing which could make me so mad. I get overwhelmed by noise especially when I’m already anxious. I think the extent of my reaction is generally determined by the state of mind I am in at the time. My toleration levels will either be lower or higher but seem to be markedly higher than the general populous and always specifically with the aforementioned sounds. Never been diagnosed with misophonia, but I do seem to be an anxious person, and hypersensitivity appears to go hand in hand with this.

  14. Mary

    My triggers are usually repetitive noises that don’t have breaks or noises coming from people. I get insanely angry when I hear the person who lives above me walking around endlessly. I just want to shout at the ceiling for her to sit the hell down and relax so I can relax too. It’s like their energy is dragging me around with them and it makes me feel nauseated. This has been an issue with me for so many years that I don’t even remember when it began. I’m 37 and I’ve moved over 30 times since I turned 18 and I know it had a lot to do with noise. Now I live in a very large city in an apartment facing a very noisy street that is too hot (heat runs even in the summer) so you can’t close your windows for very long before it’s too hot again. I hate the noise more than anything. I sometimes wish I was deaf so I didn’t have to hear anymore noise. It makes me so frustrated and unhappy. I am so peaceful and happy when it’s quiet that I cry tears of joy when the noise stops. I try my best to deal with it but then I find myself wearing ear plugs so often (even in the middle of the day) that I have constant ear infections and it is actually painful to wear ear plugs, thus creating an endless cycle of frustration. This has happened everywhere I’ve lived in my life except the couple of times I rented a house back when I was in my 20s in a smaller town. And even then I’m sure something was loud and bothering me. I’ve had roommates, lived in houses, apartments and basement suites and only houses are tolerable without roommates, but I’ve never been able to afford a house because I have Fibromyalgia and it’s hard for me to work enough to save up for a house. I’ve felt insane for years because of this and didn’t know until today that this was a real medical issue. Everyone I know seems completely unbothered by noise and just look at me like I’m crazy. It just makes me feel more alone and jealous by how much easier it is for them to deal with than me. It has had a insanely bad impact on my life and I would do anything to make it go away.

  15. Aliza

    Im so happy that I found this! I thought I was the only one and that I was crazy, I’ve been dealing with misophonia since I was 12 and I’m 17 now, I have been able to cope with it very well until recently and now I don’t know what to do

  16. Fabi

    I have it sinds i was very Young
    My father eating so loud like a pig
    and we ever lived near building side
    it makes me so angry that i screamed out the window
    now 25 years later i still have it and life near a busy Street
    ik cant handle the noises from motorbikes … It drives me crazy
    Dont know what to do , i sleep over the day with noise stoppers in the ears … Just my story

  17. WBK

    Crunching of any food from anyone other than myself sends me into rage. Like I go from zero to ten in a millisecond (internally of course). I get angry beyond comprehension. Sometimes i have to leave the room. When I’m at work and someone is crunching at their desk, it makes me go crazy. I cannot control it and i wish i could make it not bother me. I’ve loathed ppl for chewing loudly or crunching food.

    It’s debilitating and hard to cope with. I feel like my family does not understand. I’ve had to calmly excuse myself from the table while my wife & 3 kids eat, bcs the crunching of chips or whatever is intolerable. And it sucks knowing it’s not their fault, or that i can’t make it not bother me.
    If anyone has legitimate coping ideas, please share

    • Delia Barnes

      DB on July 18, 2018
      I did not know until my son told me I had this. I been having this since I was a child. My mother would pick her teeth really loud. I would told her to stop, and she would do it louder. Than I would leave the room. She would make me come back and than she would began picking her teeth and making these loud sound which would drive me up the wall. It does not make me want to hurt people though.

      Also now that I am a 61 year old women living with this . My daughter has birds and they swquak it drives me crazy.

      So pick teeth, loud video games, birds swquaking drives me nuts. The swquaking get so bad that I some time pee on myself because it is so noisey to me.

    • Tom

      For me the biggest trigger is my dogs slurping water and I love dogs. And the ‘0 to ten’ applies to me. When I’m trying to work/concentrate I have to put in earplugs, put on headphones and crank the volume to 10.
      Otherwise, my ‘groove’ is shot for an hour when the dogs get thirsty.

  18. Kelly Parkhill

    I’ve had misophonia since I was in my teens. The worst noises for me is my step dad making noises especially loud sex noises. I’ve tried everything to help me cope but nothing has worked. It’s making my life hell and it’s making me and my mum fight too. I’ve got over 26 health problems and needing sleep is what my body needs but trying to sleep isn’t working

    • Di

      How absolutely revolting! My main priority would be to move out if he’s so unbelievably insensitive and your mother doesn’t get it either.

  19. Toby

    I work with a guy who is always groaning, grunting, growling or some other such “sound effect”.

    I’m not a big talker, and when he isn’t making these sound effects he is incessantly talking about who knows what.

    Conversely, songs with repetitive lyrics really get to me… the same four words 50 times is not music and frankly it drives me bonkers to the point I will turn the radio off and drive in silence.

    I just found this page today and I am really glad I did.

  20. Cynthia Antill

    OMG! I’m so glad I found this web site. I thought I was going crazy. Chewing, slurping through a straw, crunching ice, typing on key boards. My mom eating grapes today!!! I thought I was going to come out of my skin!! I had to go to another room! It was deafening.
    I can’t enjoy a meal with My Family and I struggle at work to stay focus and drown out noises.

  21. Anonymous14

    Wrote this poem on how I feel. Feedback, please.

    My ears hurt
    as I shove one of my pink headphones in one ear
    and a green earplug in the other
    My ears hurt
    as I turn the volume of my music up
    trying to drown out the noise
    My ears hurt
    as I cover them with my hands blocking out the noise it makes
    when a metal fork scrapes on a plate
    My ears hurt
    as my sisters play a dog whistle and I react like a dog
    withering in pain begging for them to stop
    My ears hurt
    as they laugh thinking it’s the funniest thing
    My ears hurt
    as my father adds another fish tank
    and my sister says that it’s all in my head
    My ears hurt
    as I move away from my little sister
    having to be so far away
    but wishing to be close
    My ears hurt
    as I cry myself to sleep
    wishing they would stop
    My ears hurt
    as I feel the panic start to rise and take over
    when a noise reaches my ears
    My ears hurt
    as the anger sets in
    and starts to take over
    along with the sadness
    My ears hurt
    as the exhaustion takes over
    My ears hurt
    as I find myself alone with this feeling
    My ears hurt
    as I listen to people telling me I’m crazy
    and it’s all in my head
    My ears hurt
    as I look at the annoyed expressions on others faces
    pleading with then from my eyes, my soul
    to understand
    that I can’t help it
    i didn’t ask for this
    My ears hurt
    as the feeling of guilt consumes me
    while I ask people to turn off the volume to something
    My ears hurt
    as I feel the anxiety that they might say no
    and the frustration of when and if they do
    My ears hurt
    as I avoid sleeping over at my friends house
    in fear the they snore or deep breath
    My ears hurt
    as I cry and ask ‘why me?’
    My ears hurt
    as I wish to be deaf
    My ears hurt
    as I come to realize they’ll hurt for the rest of my life
    My heart hurts
    as my ears constantly hurt
    a pain that eats at me and slowly destroys me
    For I have Misophonia and
    my ears hurt

    • bella

      Wow. That expresses so many of my feeling sat once. Thank you for this.

  22. Igorlakonov

    Good morning!

    Can I contact administrator?
    It is about advertisement on your website.

    Thank you.

  23. Sylvia

    I am bothered by bass. It’s not just an old age problem. I didn’t like bass when I was young. I would always turn the treble all the way up and the bass all the way down when listening to music. I didn’t have too much problem with noise before the creation of boom boxes.

    It is not just the loudness that bothers me. It is how the vibrations feel to my inner ear. I can feel the vibrations at zero volume, for example if a car playing a stereo is still too far away to be audible or if someone turns down the boom box so that it isn’t audible, but failed to turn it until it clicks off.
    For me, the louder it is, the worse it seems, but even at low volumes the vibrations are agitating.

    I am wondering if other people with misophonia also feel the vibrations of the sounds they are sensitive to. Do people who can’t stand the sound of smacking and chewing also feel the vibrations?

  24. NeedHelpBoomSounds

    Can someone help me? I am having a problem when it comes to certain sounds, I wouldnt say that they anger or irritate me. Its just that I need to know about them or know what causes it to sound that way.

    The kind of sounds I am talking about is what I would consider powerful sounds, whether impact, pop, explosion sounds or something… I dont know how to explain it. I get a feeling that lets me say “wow, shit, that was fucking powerful, damn” in a soft/low underwhemling tone as if I felt the power of God. Again, I dont know how to explain it.. but they do sound powerful, (but im having a feeling that im the only one who thinks that because no one else seem to react or care about them)

    The only thing I can tell you is that they dont usually have any effect on me when very close by, but if it is given a little distance it affects me.

    The only info I can give for these sounds are the things that cause them the most:
    1) SoccerBall kicking sounds, not too far away.
    2) People slamming down hard in bounce house sounds.
    3) Garbage truck bonging noises
    4) Some sounds of stomping/running/etc upstairs (usually caused by kids playing)
    5) Door slamming sounds (very rare, its like 1% chance for a door to have the sound composure to have an effect on me)
    6) Fireworks/Explosions (same as above, if I tell someone to send me powerful explosion/firework sounds, its a great chance that it will not have any effect on me, it will not sound the same as the true very powerful ones)
    7) Its present in some farting/burping bodily sounds but as I said above, its very rare and people dont care about them, they ignore them while I sit there in awe. If I tell someone to find some powerful sound online and send it to me, then Im pretty sure they will send something that has no effect on me.

    Is this some kind of Misophonia or something? I really need help. I also need to understand these sounds so I can present them in a creative work I am planning to create. I have been trying to understand them for 5 straight years to the point I am failing school, I have 100000000 pages of theories of these sounds but they all failed when tested against hearing one of these sounds again.

    If you tell me that they are just “bass sounds”, then I will let you know that most bass sounds I hear dont have any effect on me, so that is failed theory.

    I really need help.

  25. Adeline

    I can’t stand chewing noises and I try to tell that to my mom but I end up getting in trouble and she won’t let me use white noise with my head phones when we eat so I have retreated to spend most of my time in my bed room but I want to be social. When they eat I get so angry but if I tell my mom how I feel she just thinks it is because I am 13 but I can’t stop it. It makes me feel like I want to crack my skull against the table to make it stop.

    • Tara

      Adelin, I went through the same experience when I was your age. Which is generally when this condition presents itaelf. At that time I had never heard of misophonia. One day I told my mom that it was something that was a real condition. She googled it and realized this description was me to a T. She now totally understands the issues I have. I saw above they have pamphlets, have you ever tried to show your mom those? If you have and she is just ingnorant to the condition I am sorry. I hope this helps. Sometimes I feel crazy but realizing it is a medical condition makes me feel a little better .

    • V

      Hi. I am grateful for this website. I have suffered all of my life since about the age of 12. I am now in my 50s. I believe this is due to the lack of control we have over sounds. The people chomping or speaking loudly or smashing their keyboard do no even think about it let alone why is offensive. i think our “pain” comes from the dis of consideration and manners. Perhaps there is a way to educate people.

    • bella

      My earliest memory of this is when I was 9 and my aunt just got a bowl of Cocoa Crispies and started eating them. I couldn’t stand it at all. This has been an extreme weight on my life. I feel like I’ve burdened so many people. My parents have come around more to understanding this. This has given me so many obstacles everywhere, in school, at home, and it getting worse and worse. Had this since I was about 9 years old and it’s just gotten worse. I hate chewing, snapping, clapping, heavy breathing, sniffling, and just a huge variety of sounds that people can’t help making. Sometimes I feel so guilty but sometimes I feel like I want to whack the person in the face so hard. This has caused me anxiety attacks and has TORTURED me to a certain extent. It scares me to see that a lot of these people are adults, because I can’t handle it for that long. Glad to know there are people .my age with the same thing. Also, has anyone had any experience with treatment? Thoughts? Result? Thank you all for letting me feel like I have another family.

  26. Megan

    When my roommate agrees with something she says “uh-huh” four or five times really fast and it makes me want to punch her in the face and tell her to shut up. She also has to fill any silence with singing or talking about things I know nothing about, like her “adorable little cousin who did the cutest thing the other day.” I’ve never met him, stop telling me shit about stuff I don’t care or know about!

    • Alex

      I hate listening to people on the phone who say “uh-huh” or “m-hmm” over and over again, one of many things that gets to me so I can relate. Also please don’t punch her; I haven’t thrown a punch since I was ten, there are several other options such as drinking and smoking! I recommend trying it with your roommate to bond (worst ideas there are probably tequila and whiskey but everyones different, stuff makes me rowdy).

    • S Rowe

      Suggest you own the silent times by talking about something that room mates 1. hates 2. knows nothing about, 3. goes over her head leaving her feeling small then she may learn to value quiet time.

    • ——

      I can totally relate to you with part about your friend constantly talking about her cousin. Although mine always talks about her baby sister. Is always “my sister this, she did this and blah blah blah.” And then when I talk about my cousin she shuts me down. It’s annoying and I get mad.

  27. Evans Horlik

    It all started when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It’s been 8 years and it’s getting worse every single day. I try to control it, I try to hold myself and listen to these voices thinking that perhaps I would be able to overcome my misophonia by getting used to these sounds but it was no use. I still hate those sounds, it still triggers me, it still makes me wanna shout or hit something, or someone. It’s still the same and it drives me crazy. I have a friend who’s close to me and she has this habit of eating (and even drinking) loudly. She munched like every 5 seconds even if there’s no foods in her mouth and it really just so hard for me to be around her, but I feel guilty to tell her to stop it because it is her right to do anything she wants and I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable with trying to change her habits and all. So far only my little brother knows about this, the other doesn’t know, or they do but they don’t care anyway, which hurts even more. It is so painful that I wish I was born deaf instead, even though I know I should be grateful that I could hear. But what’s the good in it if everything that I listen to causes me to suffer? I really don’t get it.

  28. Gary Smith

    Richard, it might be interesting to explore our feelings about and reactions towards the sources of sound triggers in our lives. I have the same sensitivities as you described — and having just found this site and the FB group, imagine almost everyone reading does also. We may not be able to adjust our environments, and for me talking with others about the issue has only complicated the problem. I find the best approach is to work on my ‘inner landscape’ so I can integrate with those who are unaware of the issue for us misophoniacs.

  29. Richard

    Thank god there’s some kind of support out there. I’ll pursue more information about this. I just discovered it has a name. At this very moment, there’s a co-worker sitting next to me who can’t chew gum with her mouth closed. Smack, smack, crack, pop, smack, smack, smack… And on my right, is a guy who snorts his post-nasal drip every 30 seconds. I just popped in some earphones. But my question is this: Why do I have to adjust MY environment because someone else can’t chew with their mouth closed? I know I sound like an ass but for the moment I’m blaming my “misophonia”.

    • Jason

      I have the same issue which I am blaming on the introduction of open plan (cheap) offices combined with people not caring about others when it comes to talking loudly on the phone, eating lunch at their desk (freaking apples every 15 mins lately) and slurping coffee. I have raised this issue with my manager twice now only to be brushed off.

      • Orion Sune

        Same issue here. Open office plan. Been complaining of the distracting noises for over a year. I get the same response from my managers.

    • Joyce Grindstaff

      I feel your pain. I have 3 coworkers on my shift at work. Two of them are LOUD chip eaters and the third one is…my trigger. For 12 hours she crunches ice, slurps, chews gum (all of this open mouthed).
      My Dr actually have me a prescription of Klonopin for those times when I begin to feel the rage building.
      This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.

    • Isabel

      Richard, I had the same issue with a co-worker. She always had a gum on her mouth and she chewed it loudly with her mouth wide open. To get worst she was sitting in front of me. I would put my phones on but it didn’t help much.
      One day I got the courage to ask to close her mouth and she did.. for 2 days.After that she started again.. and then I wasn’t nice and rudely told her to close her mouth because she was making so much noise.. she didn’t care.
      I spoke to the manager and asked to put u
      us in different rooms.. and she did. My co-worker left the room. This is a happy ending but for all that time we were together.. I just wanted to beat her and smack her head to the keybooard.


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