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What is Misophonia?

Symptoms & Triggers

There are specific kinds of symptoms associated with having misophonia. Most symptoms come from being exposed to selective sounds…


The treatment of misophonia centers around minimizing the effects of triggers. This may include avoiding the source of triggers and…

Support, Awareness, and Education

Online Support Group

Join a large (over 17,000 members) online support group to learn more about misophonia. We offer emotional support, coping strategies, and friendship.

Awareness Merchandise

The Misophonia Shop carries wristbands, door hangers, courtesy cards, keychains, pin-back buttons, and more. Proceeds support the cost of running the website and fund misophonia awareness projects.

Documentary Film

Quiet Please… is a documentary that explores the emotional and psychological ramifications of a neurologically based disorder called misophonia.

Letter to Friends & Family

Download a Microsoft Word document of a letter written to explain misophonia to your friends,  family, co-workers, and other people in your life. The letter is a great way to introduce them to misophonia.  You can personalize the letter to make it fit your specific situation or use it as is. The text of the letter is available HERE without having to download the .docx file. Please feel free to share these letters with others.

Need a brochure for yourself or to give to someone else? Download an informative misophonia brochure in Microsoft Word format here or an Adobe PDF version here.

Letter to Healthcare Professionals

We also offer a letter that can be given to a doctor or another healthcare professional. The letter is appropriate for doctors, audiologists, psychologists, neurologists, occupational therapists, and others. It provides an introduction to misophonia. It can be edited to best suit your individual situation. The text of this letter is available HERE without having to download the .docx file.


A collection of videos about misophonia. (Some may contain triggers)


Articles found on the internet about misophonia from a variety of viewpoints.


A small directory of websites that present information about misophonia.

Audio Files

Sound masking and other audio files that can help with coping with misophonia .

Featured Music Video

by Christian Hughes

I wrote this song a few years back. It’s titled “misophonia (n.)”. Misophonia is a disorder which means: “hatred of sound”. Isn’t that ironic? My life revolves around sound in almost every way. Singing and playing instruments has always been one of my favorite ways to relieve stress, yet, other sounds make my life nearly impossible…

Quietly, A Blog

Discussions and Interactions

Misophonia vs. Annoyances

In the Facebook support group, there is often a discussion about the differences between misophonia and general annoyances. Some people think that the group should limit conversations to "real triggers" and discourage discussion in which people vent about the things...

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Basic Survival Skill Memes

I've developed a series of what I call Basic Survival Skills for coping with misophonia. I publish them regularly in the Facebook Support Group. I'm always looking for ideas for new messages to share. As of today, there are 18 of these memes...

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Triggers are Unique to the Individual

Observation shows us that each person’s triggers are unique. To be clear, everyone has different triggers. Many people have similar triggers (such as mouth noises). But there is no specific list or definitive set of what is and is not a “real” trigger. If a person has...

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What Not to Say…

Someone you know is in pain. You know because it’s obvious and you want to DO something to help. But what can be done? Your instinct may be to say something to help alleviate the situation, but what? Having good intentions and being well-meaning doesn’t always...

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New Website Design

It took me quite awhile to get back to the design of the website. I've been planning on a major design update for a couple of years. And, here it is! I tried out the Elementor Page Builder, and it had some great features, but ended up using the Divi page builder...

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