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Understanding this

Postby RuffNeckGirl » Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:56 pm

I watched some of the videos and noticed that "crying baby" was not considered a miso trigger. Well I beg to differ especially considering we all have different noises that we take issue on Just the slightest whimper from a child will set me off.
As a young child this destroyed my relationship with my siblings. My brothers were not very whiny as babies but when they did make noises I would leave the room as needed and my mom was around so I didn't to much have to deal with them. By the time my sister was born my parents were divorced and I had to watch my siblings for a couple of hours before she came home from work. My sister cried ALL THEE TIME. It bothered me so much I would put her in the room on the second floor and go to the basement so I could not hear her in hopes that she would "wear herself out" but she wouldn't stop. Almost daily I smothered her until she passed out because that would be the only way I could stop her from crying. I dislocated her shoulder once, bruised her on several occasions; I was a horrible sister to my siblings because of this. Now mind you I was only about 9 years old and one day my mother came home early and caught me violently shaking her. Eventually I was removed from my home and sent to live with other family members.
I was so terrified when my child was an infant that I would hurt her I learned to not resort to physical contact and I had family and friends that I could call on to keep her when it became too much. When she was old enough to comprehend she learned to not make high pitched noises to keep me from "wigging out". But to this day when I hear a child begin to cry I STILL feel that same rage.

I also cannot stand to hear the sound of people walking in floppy sandals, pen clicking, gargling, among a few other triggers. But my main triggers are if I hear a child anywhere crying and people that scream (horror movies are the worst) I lose control.

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