Increasingly angered - Help

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Increasingly angered - Help

Postby Steve698 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:46 pm

My name is Steve and although I have never been officially diagnosed with Misophonia I am pretty sure it is what I have. Either that or I am just exceptionally intolerant of pretty much everything that modern life brings with it. I have noticed that there seems to be more and more things that trigger me as I get older and sometimes not just noises (although mainly) but also peoples actions. Just some of the things that trigger me now are :
loud chewing, loud children, shouting, loud music, overcrowded spaces, slamming doors (cars especially), any repetitive knocking or clicking (clicking a pen or keyboard) loud car and motorcycle engines, shouting on the phone, dogs barking (and I love dogs), ball bouncing. I could on and fill a side of A4 but you get the picture. Pretty much everything is now annoying to me and it is causing me to not want to go out into the world, if I do within minutes something will trigger me and I just want to run back home. There is a boy that during the school holidays constantly kicks a ball against a garden wall in the house opposite us and all I hear is the constant boom,boom boom to the point of wanting to jump the wall and wring his neck. I remember as far back as when I was about 7 years old (55 now) and anyone would sit in the room and fidget, either tapping their toes or bouncing their legs, just not sitting still, how it would annoy me so much then that I would have to leave the room (it still has that effect). I am getting to the point where I feel that I can't function on a day to day basis because once I'm triggered that is all I hear or see, I can't focus on anything else. I'm distracted until the trigger stops or I move away from it. I am hoping there is some kind of help out there as this post has taken an hour to write because the kids next door
are having a pool party and screaming like banshees, this has had me distracted to the point that all I can think of is how long I would need to hold under the water to shut them up. Our trip to the supermarket two days ago ended with me having to walk out of the shop because a child was throwing a tantrum - while no one in there wanted to be listening to the constant screaming they could kind of tune it out - I on the other hand had to leave before strangling the child. Help please.

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Re: Increasingly angered - Help

Postby ugh » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:04 am

I've had misophonia at least since elementary school (18 now). The essentials vary from situation to situation. Anywhere you can't use your phone or another electronic device, I'd recommend having a pack of earplugs. They block out a good amount of sound and are discreet. If you can use your phone, bring earbuds or headphones with you. Noise-cancelling headphones are best for long trips on buses, trains, planes, etc., though you could use them at pool parties under the guise of relaxation. Earbuds are less bulky and are best for everyday use. You could listen to music/white noise/wave sounds at the store to help drown out any misbehaving kids. Having fidget toys is also very helpful. They're good for channeling all your rage into one place instead of feeling like you're going to lash out. Some examples of fidget toys are stress balls and fidget cubes.

Here are some links to fidget toys that could be helpful: ... UTF8&psc=1 (i actually have this one and it's great) ... ball&psc=1 ... cube&psc=1

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