Low talking to oneself?

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Low talking to oneself?

Postby scorwitz » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:52 pm

Hello all,

Does anyone else find his completely and totally provoking? I sit next to a coworker, friend, and all around wonderful person, who seems to have no ability whatsoever to read anything on her screen or phone without, just barely audibly, voicing the words to herself. I can't usually even make out what she is saying, it' just this constant, low, sound of almost a hum about 80% of the day!

I find it to be one of the most grating sounds in the world! Even when I put in earbuds and listen to music, or white noise, it's almost like I can FEEL the vibrations in my head, and it makes me anxious and on edge, like I've had 20 cups of coffee at one time. Literally the instant that she stops, the feeling leaves me, and I can relax, until it returns when she has to read something again. Does anyone else have this?

I once mentioned it to her and she was very offended and defensive, and she didn't speak to me for 3 weeks. She did stop doing it for a while though. At some point it returned and has been several months now. I LIVE for the days when she is out of the office, and it really affects my friendship with her.

Well, I guess I just wanted to vent, and see if anyone else has the 'low talking' trigger?

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