a book on misophonia and a website explaining it

Have you seen an interesting article relating to this condition? If so, let everyone know.
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a book on misophonia and a website explaining it

Postby pggb6 » Fri May 30, 2014 5:04 pm

get this book take it to your therapist so they will understand it and help you cope: Sound-Rage the author Judith T. Krauthamer now my therapist knows what it is and is learning everything he can to help me my regular dr had never heard of it and he is the real life version of dr house here in tulsa and he is also intrigued and studying it for me we have to get this information into our doctors hands so something can be done stop hiding stop the fear tell them what we are capable of in our rage tell them the horrible deaths and destruction we are capable of I have told them that for 2 to 10 seconds I could be a sadistic berserker beast ripping flesh serial killer and then comes the debilitating crippling anxiety attack that has made me homebound because people and dogs are not safe around me I have always kept this stuff to myself terrified of the rubber room but no more to hell with them all I need help and the only way to get it is to tell it I went to my dr yesterday in full blown anxiety attack and I let it all go every detail of what I wanted to do to my neighbors dog I even demonstrated how I want to pick it up with my bare hands and squeeze its neck until I could feel it joints and bones pop and separate between my fingers until its eyes pop out of its head and how I want to put my fist all the way through a screaming babies head and grab its mother by the throat and rip it out through the babies face very terrified I will not be able to control it because I have like 40 triggers I want to instantly stop my triggers because the anxiety attacks I have are very severe my triggers are not just sound they are visual and also smells trigger me so far thank God I have only been verbally abusive and leave the area

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Re: a book on misophonia and a website explaining it

Postby Diana » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:09 am

Wow, that's one long sentence.

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