"Etiology, composition, development and maintenance of ...

Have you seen an interesting article relating to this condition? If so, let everyone know.
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"Etiology, composition, development and maintenance of ...

Postby tomdozier » Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:58 pm

This manuscript has been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal, Psychological Thought. It has been sent to the team for formatting and proofreading.

The article is titled, “Etiology, composition, development and maintenance of misophonia: A conditioned aversive reflex disorder.“

If you would like an advanced look, I have posted the manuscript on MisophoniaTreatment.com. See http://misophoniatreatment.com/hypothes ... al-article

You are free to agree or disagree. I hope that this article promotes discussion about what is actually happening when a person hears a misophonic trigger.


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