How does Misophonia manifest itself?

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How does Misophonia manifest itself?

Postby nikkinak » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I've come on here in the hope that I may gain further insight into Misophonia and the way in which it manifests itself (if that's the correct term to use?) in it's sufferers.

I have a basic understanding but am particularly interested in knowing, is it typical/unusual/unheard of for a trigger to be a sound (in this case eating and plastic wrapper rustling) made by a specific person/persons? My (17 year old) daughter only appears to have unmanageable issues at home (with myself and my son,21) with these sounds and appears more able to cope being around other people outside of the home and in the company of others at home.

The situation is causing a great deal of stress for everyone at home, not least of all for my daughter... the personal nature is what I'm trying to understand. I have offered to support her in exploring different therapies and have suggested she try earplugs, both of which she has declined to engage in. She has told me that she is paying for a therapist online but is not happy/willing to talk with me about the advice she is being given. I've seen no mention of Misophonia manifesting itself in this way and am trying to seek advice about the best approach to dealing with this particular situation.

Any words of wonder that can be offered would be gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks

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