About Misophonia Online

The website was launched in May 2007 and is actively maintained by Paul N. Dion. Paul has had personal involvement with misophonia for over 40 years. He has a background in occupational therapy and social work. In addition, Paul owns and operates a successful incentive travel business (Innovative Incentives, Inc.). In the past, he operated fine art galleries in both Barre and Worcester, Massachusetts.

As a misophonia advocate, Paul has initiated and supported many misophonia awareness projects. In 2016, he was an executive producer of Quiet Please… (a documentary on misophonia by Jeffrey Scott Gould/Action Media Productions).

Different media organizations have interviewed Paul (NPN Media, VICE Media, and WTOP Washington, D.C.) and he has advised researchers on ways to contact people with misophonia to conduct research project objectives.

This informational website’s counterpart is a large Facebook support group of over 17,000 members. Both receive regular updates.

The content of this website comes from many different sources. It is tightly connected to real-time data collection from thousands of people who have the disorder. Information comes in from monthly online surveys, comments, and discussions found in the (now defunct) message board. Also from feedback left in the What misophonia means to you inquiry and discussions from the Facebook Support Group.

Paul is responsible for the content of this website and all rights are reserved.