The Misophonia Support Group on Facebook is not a sociology or social justice group. We do not come together to understand the reasons why people say what they do or how they say it. Those discussions are best left for other groups to pursue. In the support group, we concern ourselves with the effects of misophonia exclusively.

But we do have a responsibility to exclude any content that is prejudicial, discriminatory, or antagonistic towards members. To the point, disliking accents comes up from time to time. This topic has a degree of bias built into it. But bias alone does not equal racism. Some biases are positive and helpful, such as choosing only to eat healthy foods, etc.

When discussing accents and non-standard pronunciations of words, sometimes race comes up. But race is unlikely to be relevant because no language, accent, or slang is limited to one race alone. So including race in those discussions is biased, prejudicial, and discriminatory.

There is no racism involved when a person with misophonia becomes triggered by a sound alone. Other factors must be in play for racism to exist. But one must remove ALL other sensory input from the equation to be able to claim that racism isn’t present. When accents, inflection, speech impediments, colloquialisms, slang, and other cultural or ethnic aspects of communication are part of the picture, one must be very careful to evaluate the matter closely for bias, prejudice, and bigotry.

The Misophonia Support Group removes and bans people who use hate speech without warning or explanation. We have a zero tolerance policy on this matter.