In a current discussion about accents in the Misophonia Support Group on Facebook, some people are saying Asian accents trigger them. But, is there an actual “Asian accent?”

No, there is not.

There are too many languages and dialects involved. Substitute the word European for Asian, and the sentence no longer makes sense.

There’s too much diversity in Europe to have a collective, identifiable European accent. French accents sound distinctly different from German or Spanish accents yet all three counties are European.

To keep the line between misophonia sound triggers and racism clear, we need to choose our words well. In my experience within this group, many people find accents a trigger. And people with misophonia understand this because we find that pretty much any sound can be a trigger for someone, somewhere.

But accents are spoken by people. And although some groups of people from the same region may have the same accent, the accent is not exclusively tied to their race or ethnicity.

I recently asked a member if their problem with a Spanish accent would still trigger them if spoken by a group of Spanish-speaking Norwegians. As it turned out, they would still be triggered by the Norwegians if they spoke with a true Spanish accent. This indicates that it is the sound of the accent itself that is the trigger.

So, there’s no Asian accent.