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Misophonia Online Exclusive

Download Sleep Scene


The Sleep Scene is an exclusive audio mix. It features rain and thunder accompanied by birds, other animals, and night-time sounds. This file is perfect to play while sleeping to mask unwanted noises. Also, one can use it for meditation and relaxation. If using a smartphone or mp3 player, set the file for repeat play for an entire night’s Sleep Scene experience.

This audio file contains the sound of rain, thunder, owls, loons, crows, woodpeckers, mourning doves, frogs, crickets, and a lone wolf.

Meditation and Sound Masking Files


Download Corey Roos Meditation

Download White Noise

Download Pink Noise

Download Brown Noise

Download Stream

Download Ocean

Download Waterfall

Many people use sound masking to enhance sleep. It can also be used when studying or during meditation. There are many resources on the internet for additional audio files. There are also many kinds of sound apps available for smart devices.