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Don’t Let It Bother You

“Just Don’t Let It Bother You!” Every person with misophonia has heard a version of this unfortunate suggestion. As difficult as it can be, the best way to address this off-putting remark is to leave it for later.   When triggered, we're not using our "thinking head."...

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Escaping Triggers 101

How does one avoid triggers? Identify people and places that you've had problems with in the past. Weigh the pros and cons of interacting with these people and going to places that are likely to trigger you. Are there people who don’t trigger you are or more sensitive...

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Being Bullied Over Misophonia?

In the course of reading posts in the Misophonia Support Group, I come across people who are being teased and taunted over their misophonia. Let’s call it was it is, they’re being bullied. To be clear, when someone deliberately makes a sound that they know is a...

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To Share or Not to Share

Sharing the fact that you have misophonia is a personal choice. There are many good reasons to do so. Yet, there are also some negative considerations.   Awareness of misophonia helps educate the public. It makes people aware of the differences between us. Many people...

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How do you cope with misophonia?

Everyone with misophonia is interested in how others cope. Sometimes, even a small suggestion is most appreciated, so let's hear how YOU deal with this sound sensitivity...

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Triggers are Unique to the Individual

Observation shows us that each person’s triggers are unique. To be clear, everyone has different triggers. Many people have similar triggers (such as mouth noises). But there is no specific list or definitive set of what is and is not a “real” trigger. If a person has...

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