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To Share or Not to Share

Sharing the fact that you have misophonia is a personal choice. There are many good reasons to do so. Yet, there are also some negative considerations.   Awareness of misophonia helps educate the public. It makes people aware of the differences between us. Many people...

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How do you cope with misophonia?

Everyone with misophonia is interested in how others cope. Sometimes, even a small suggestion is most appreciated, so let's hear how YOU deal with this sound sensitivity...

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Triggers are Unique to the Individual

Observation shows us that each person’s triggers are unique. To be clear, everyone has different triggers. Many people have similar triggers (such as mouth noises). But there is no specific list or definitive set of what is and is not a “real” trigger. If a person has...

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Misophonia vs. Annoyances

In the Facebook support group, there is often a discussion about the differences between misophonia and general annoyances. Some people think that the group should limit conversations to "real triggers" and discourage discussion in which people vent about the things...

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New Website Design

It took me quite awhile to get back to the design of the website. I've been planning on a major design update for a couple of years. And, here it is! I tried out the Elementor Page Builder, and it had some great features, but ended up using the Divi page builder...

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