Someone mentioned how annoying a CPAP machine is because of the noise they make. They said the machines would probably keep either the sufferer or sleeping partner awake at night. I disagree.

There’s no way a CPAP machine will be as annoying as snoring. Mine is almost silent. The machine can be placed somewhere less likely to be heard. It can be inside a nightstand, on the floor, etc. Perhaps your experience has been with a noisy CPAP machine of some kind. An old one, perhaps? I can assure people that most of them make a minimum amount of noise. Many people like the sound of a fan running at night. A CPAP machine makes considerably less noise than most fans. Anyone bothered by snoring would be likely to love to trade that sound for the soft sound of air moving through the machine and tubing of CPAP machine. And, as I’ve mentioned, can be addressed and reduced to almost zero noise with placement and other accommodations.

Pictured: my current and favorite CPAP machine (I have two of this model)