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Misophonia Support Group

The misophonia support group is a safe environment in which to interact with others. In this group, people ask questions, share coping strategies, discuss symptoms, and find a place to vent about their experiences. This group is a private group, and not open to the public. One must have misophonia to join. A proactive team moderates the group. All people with sound sensitivities may request membership.

Misophonia Connections

This is a closed group for making friends, having non-support group conversations, and dating. As an 18+ group, members can interact with others without having to explain misophonia or sensory sensitivities. All people with sound sensitivities are welcome to join.


Misophonia Alliance

This is a support group designed for people who are in a relationship with a person who has misophonia or other sound sensitivity (friends, co-workers, partners, spouses, etc.). The group provides a forum in which to ask questions, vent, and learn how to cope with problems. They focus on the kinds of issues that arise when in a relationship with a person with misophonia.


Support groups are a great way to learn about misophonia and get on-going support.

The Misophonia Support Group is the largest misophonia support group on the internet. In early 2019, the group reached 18,000 members. The group’s members receive automatic approval for membership to its partner group, Misophonia Connections. But, the Misophonia Alliance is a stand-alone group and not directly connected to the Misophonia Support Group. Its creator lives with a spouse who has misophonia, tinnitus, and hyperacusis for over 25 years.