Facebook Support Group

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Here are the current Group Guidelines:

Paul Dion is the admin and Mark Oatley, Michelle Viveiros and Mike Rigby are moderators. We welcome you to the group, you are no longer alone!

This is a private group, only people who have misophonia are approved for membership. You must answer the 2 questions presented when requesting membership to be approved for membership. If your Facebook page only contains minimal information about you, please send a short introductory message to one of the moderators. Note: It is not appropriate to add people to the group to introduce them to misophonia – send them to the public website instead: www.misophonia.com. Member’s posts cannot be read by other people on Facebook unless they are a member of this group. This group is recommended for an 18+ audience and is primarily an English-speaking group.

In this group, you may find discussions/posts/images/videos about:

1) Personal coping methods and words of encouragement from people with misophonia
2) Requests for advice
3) Trigger sounds
4) Posts in which people vent and express their frustrations (some “adult” language is to be expected)
5) Personal accounts of treatment possibilities
6) Humor in text or memes and general links of interest

To ensure a positive experience for all, the following types of posts will be removed:

1) Off-topic posts
2) Posts that advertise the sales of products/services that are NOT related to misophonia
3) All requests for money/donations
4) Any post that expresses overt hate
5) Antagonistic posts or those that contain personal insults/attacks or are inciting
6) Gratuitous profanity posted for shock value
7) Pictures/videos of people without their knowledge or consent
8) Specific threats of violence will be removed
9) Religion and politics should be discussed elsewhere
10) Flooding the group with links to other websites/groups is not allowed (only one link per day to any outside site or group allowed)
11) Discussions about treatments are appropriate but no advertising, promotion, or referrals allowed
12) No event posting
13) Over-the-top gratuitous trigger-laden posts (especially audio/visual) will be removed

Notice: You may not agree with every post that you read, and people may not always approve of your posts. This is the nature of a large online support group. Disagreement in knowledge, approach, suggestions, and opinion will occur. Everyone’s opinion is valid and is important to foster the full experience of a community dialogue. Note: “being offended” is possible and is not actionable.
Your use of this group indicates your agreement to abide by these guidelines. The moderators reserve the right to remove posts and persons who violate the group rules.
Requests to participate in research must be approved by the admin before posting.
I hope you have a great experience using this support group. Questions or concerns? Contact the admin: paul.dion@misophonia.com

Please visit our public site: www.misophonia.com



Misophonia Support Group on Facebook These are the Expanded Group Guidelines.

Facebook only allows 3000 characters in the posted guidelines, so some aspects of group behavior can’t be addressed there. Please read the posted guidelines in addition to these additional concerns:

1) Researchers. Those who wish to post requests for research project respondents should first contact the admin with the study’s purpose, method of data collection, privacy standards, and final disposition of the collected data.

2) Membership. Being a member of the group is a privilege, not a right. It is also not a democracy.

3) Members who come into the group by lying about having misophonia will be removed.

4) Posts about crimes, assaults, or sociological oddities that merely allude to a sound or noise being involved but are not directly connected to misophonia, will be removed.