Facebook Support Group

Click HERE to visit the Misophonia Support Group on Facebook

Here are the current Group Guidelines:

Paul Dion is the admin and Mark Oatley, Sarah Kohrman Anderson, Michelle Viveiros and Mike Rigby are moderators. We welcome you to the group, you are no longer alone!

This is a private group. Member’s posts cannot be read by other people on Facebook unless they are a member of this group. This group is recommended for an 18+ audience and is primarily an English-speaking group.

If your Facebook page contains very little information about you your request will not get approved. Please send a brief introductory message to one of the moderators to get approval to join.

This Facebook group provides support to those with misophonia and to the people in their lives. However, it is not appropriate to add people as an introduction to misophonia.

In this group, you may find discussions/posts/videos about:

1) trigger sounds
2) personal coping methods
3) requests for advice or suggestions on dealing with the effects of misophonia
4) links of interest
5) posts in which people vent and express their frustrations
6) humor in text or memes
7) words of encouragement from people who have first-hand knowledge of misophonia

To ensure a positive experience for all, the following types of posts will be removed:

1) Off-topic posts.
2) Posts that advertise the sales of products/services that are NOT related to misophonia.
3) Requests for money/donations will be removed.
4) Any post that expresses hate or is disparaging of people.
5) Antagonistic posts of those that contain insults/attacks, inciting posts or those that contain excessive gratuitous profanity. Also, all participants in arguments run the risk of caution or removal.
6) Pictures/videos of people without their knowledge or consent.
7) WORDS MATTER. “I want to wring his neck” is NOT the same as “I could literally kill him” or “he’ll be sorry when I pull out my knife.” Specific threats of violence will be removed.
8) Religion and politics should be discussed elsewhere.
9) Flooding the group with links to other websites or groups (only one link per day to any outside site or group allowed).
10) Discussions about treatments are great but no advertising, promotion or referrals allowed.
11) No event posting, please.

Notice: You may not agree with every post that you read and people may not always approve of your posts. This is the nature of a forum-style support group. Disagreement in knowledge, approach, suggestions and opinion will occur. Everyone’s opinion is valid and is important to foster the full experience of a community dialogue. Note: “being offended” is possible and is not actionable. Your use of this group indicates your agreement to abide by these guidelines. The moderators reserve the right to remove posts and persons who violate the group rules.

I hope you have a great experience using this support group. Questions or concerns? Contact me: paul.dion@misophonia.com

Please visit our public site: www.misophonia.com