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    Paul Dion

    Welcome to the Ask Paul Dion forum, which provides answers to questions about misophonia, this forum, the Misophonia Website, and the Facebook support group.

    I am the admin of the Misophonia Support Group on Facebook, which is the internet’s largest and most active online support group. We provide 24-hour online support to people with misophonia and misokinesia (visual misophonia triggers).

    My background is in Occupational Therapy, and I hold a current Social Work license. I have decades of personal experience with misophonia. Also, I work daily to provide online support resources to thousands of people through the website and Facebook group. I am an artist, musician, writer, and computer enthusiast.

    You can ask me any question that relates to any aspect of misophonia. I can also provide tech support for the Facebook group, the website, or this forum.


    So happy to find this place – not computer literate at 77 so need help w/that but really want to connect with others. My sister & I have had this for years but had no name & thought it was part of our PTSD watching abusive father eat/chew/swallow.I’d love to know if there is any sexual connection to the mouth sounds relating to early oral sexual abuse, anyone? Mine got worse during menopause and ruined our sex life.I do not have Facebook for many reasons but if I can converse confidentially with others on this site. I’m so amazed to find this! Both my therapists, PhD and EMDR practitioner knew nothing about this.I showed Paul’s video to my husband and he was speechless. I also believe part of my decision not to have kids was based partially on this disorder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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