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    Paul Dion

    I am proud to have been an executive director for the Quiet Please… documentary on misophonia.

    This Jeffrey Scott Gould (Action Media Productions) film was originally released in 2016 and was the first full-length film to take an in-depth look at the sound sensitivity condition called misophonia.

    By presenting a series of interviews with people with the disorder, the filmmaker takes us on a journey of discovery. Those with the disorder say the film validates the condition by showcasing the diversity of the many people it affects. Information from doctors, healthcare professionals, and researchers are included in the film and include discussions on coping with sound trigger events, current research, and the effect misophonia has on families.

    This film has an emotional impact that promotes education and awareness. This film is a MUST SEE event for both people with misophonia and their friends, family, and co-workers. Healthcare professionals would do well to watch the film to become familiar with this sound sensitivity disorder. All viewers will appreciate this professional presentation of misophonia and the closing montage of heartfelt messages of hope.

    Watch on Amazon Prime
    Quiet Please… Website
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    94% of all people leaving a review on Amazon gave the film a five out 5-Star Review.

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