Want to help spread awareness of misophonia? Here are some ways you can get involved:

There are many things that one can do to help with the misophonia.com website or the Facebook group. Don’t be afraid to ask if something you’re interested in isn’t mentioned in the notes below. Just let me know what you’d like to do to help promote awareness of misophonia.

1) Become a Moderator of the Facebook Misophonia Support Group.

Currently, no new moderators are needed but please make an inquiry if you would like to be on the waiting list.

A Moderator is similar to an admin in that they can:

• Approve or deny membership requests
• Remove posts and comments on posts
• Remove and block people from the group
• Pin or unpin a post

Moderators work with the admin to promote the group and keep it focused on the goals and established guidelines. They keep things working smoothly.

A Moderator’s role can include:

Active participation in the group.
Monitoring posts and removing posts that don’t meet the group guidelines.
Cautioning members about a post they’ve made and let them know if it runs against the group’s goals or focus.
Step in when an argument ensues and either redirect the conversation or remove a person who is inappropriate or disruptive to the group.

Moderators are sometimes peacekeepers. But in this group, they don’t pick sides or push a specific agenda. Sometimes, moderators may ask questions or present new topics to create conversations about misophonia. A moderator works with the admin and other moderators. In time, each moderator develops their own style and approach to group administration.

Qualifications for becoming a moderator:

a) have a personal Facebook page that the misophonia support group members can access
b) not be a moderator, admin or webmaster for any other Facebook page or website related to misophonia
c) be a team player with a sense of fair play but still adhere to the established group guidelines
d) not promote/support any one treatment, coping strategy, or approach to understanding and managing misophonia
e) support ALL members even when that member’s point of view or means of expression is different from the moderator’s view

2) Be a proofreader, researcher/investigator, or content manager.

Being a proofreader means checking the website content for typos and grammar problems. The goal is to present a well-crafted and organized website. Proofreaders would report any problems found to the webmaster (paul.dion@misophonia.com).

Researchers and Investigators search existing misophonia-related Facebook groups and websites to report on what’s trending. This information is then used to make suggestions for content, images, and features.

Content Managers suggest new features or changes to the way information gets presented. They might offer insight into new theories on treatment or coping with misophonia. Also, content managers can write new material or adapt existing material for clarity.

3) Be a contributing writer!

The misophonia.com website needs to remain relevant. And a website is only as good as the information it contains. New information about misophonia is of great interest to the site’s visitors. Submitting articles about misophonia would be a great way to contribute to the quality of the website’s content.

People want to know what’s happening and they also like to know how other people cope with misophonia. Contributing writers can write about any topic relating to misophonia. Click here for more information on being a contributing writer.

Did you find a suggestion that sounds interesting to you? Send an email to paul.dion@misophonia.com and introduce yourself and explain what you’re interested in. You’ll receive a quick and friendly reply.