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Every person with misophonia has a story to tell! This page provides you with an opportunity to share yours.
This site’s visitors are interested in hearing about your history with misophonia, your successes or frustrations, and your suggestions for coping with the disorder. Any facet of how misophonia affects your life is an appropriate topic to share. This page allows comments and leaving a comment is one way to share your story. Another way is to send your story to and have it published here. These detailed stories can be very helpful to spread awareness of this sound sensitivity. There is no minimum or maximum length requirements for publication.

Because of privacy issues, we do not recommend including any personal information in your story. By leaving your story in a comment below or sending it to Paul Dion, you agree that your story becomes the property of Misophonia Online. Submissions may be proofed, edited for clarity, and may be modified to keep in line with the website’s focus and goals. If your comment/submission/story is used elsewhere on this site or reproduced in any manner such as being used in the Facebook Misophonia Support Group, or any other misophonia project, it will NOT include any personally identifiable information that you may have left in your original submission or comment.



Rachel Barley

Writers are always welcomed. If telling your story here has inspired you to expand your story into an article, click or tap the image above to visit the Opinions page.


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