Mission Statement


Our goal is to present current and historical information on misophonia gathered from a wide variety of sources. To that end, we include material on symptoms, triggers, treatments, research, and coping methods. We use surveys, ask specific questions about misophonia, and provide a self-test. Although there is no actual scientific or medical test for misophonia, we hope the self-test tool helps people explore their level of involvement with misophonia and is a springboard to discussion.

Through our efforts, we want to increase awareness of this condition. To provide current information to our target audience, we update the site often. To do this we collect some information from our visitors. (see Privacy Policy for information on what information we collect) We welcome suggestions and want to know when we can do things better. Send your suggestions to feedback@misophonia.com. Paul N. Dion wrote the copy of the website. He has worked for many years as an Occupational Therapist and holds a current Social Work License.