It took me quite awhile to get back to the design of the website. I’ve been planning on a major design update for a couple of years. And, here it is! I tried out the Elementor Page Builder, and it had some great features, but ended up using the Divi page builder instead. In all, they’re really similar with no clear “winner” in regard to which might be better. I think my familiarity with Divi was the deciding factor on how to go.

Besides the look of the site, every component has gotten an update. All files and pages, images, plugins, widgets, etc., EVERYTHING was reviewed and then rewrote, resized, or otherwise updated. Anything that interfered with SEO or load time was removed or improved upon. In all, it took about 1.5 months to accomplish the updating. As of this writing, the only thing left to do is clone the site and upload it to the server.

Although I’m done with the update, I’m very much interested in hearing from the users about what they like, what they don’t, and any suggestions whatsoever.