Information & Resource Center

This is the place to find information that can help answer questions about misophonia.

People sometimes ask: “How do I know if I have misophonia?” To help answer that question, you may want to take the self-test.

Available in the Resource Center:

In addition to the above links, you may wish to explore the rest of the internet to get more information on misophonia. There are many reputable sites out there but be wary of sites that offer cures or treatments that are guaranteed to work. Unfortunately, there is no known cure or universally effective treatment for misophonia at this time (see treatment)

Misophonia Support Group on Facebook

A great resource for support in coping with misophonia is to join a support group. Our Misophonia Support Group on Facebook has an active community of over 15,000 people with misophonia who discuss a wide range of topics.

“What a relief to know I am not alone. It’s nice to have a place to share your experiences and struggles and not be judged. Great group of people. Thank you!” ~James K.

“Just to be able to write down what’s bothering me and getting empathizing or encouraging answers instead of the usual get-over-its is a wonderful feeling. Here I’m validated and supported.” ~Tihanyi D.

“An awesome place to come and vent to people who completely understand what you’re going through and can empathize and offer help.” ~Shelley W.

“Since childhood I’ve been called over sensitive – which is a negative thing and ultimately undermines confidence and self-esteem. I’ve only recently found out that it’s an actual recognized condition. What a relief just knowing that. I also thought I was one of very few with this…. until I found this group and realize this is not an unusual thing and there are so many that understand me.” ~Susann G.

And if you’re the parent of a child with misophonia, here’s the Facebook Support group designed for you.