Specifically, Some Generalizations Are Stereotypical

In the misophonia support group, we remove sweeping generalizations about entire cultures, races, or ethnicities. They are rarely true and are often nothing more than negative commentaries with no support qualities.

For example, an entire culture, race, or ethnic background should not be singled out as being more triggering than another. All groups include people who can potentially make a trigger sound. And while some groups may produce more triggers than others for a sound-sensitive person, triggers are subjective and made by individuals, not entire cultures.

Suggesting that a whole group of people produce more triggers than another, is also a stereotype. Stereotypes are often widely held, but fixed. That is, they’re oversimplified explanations. Misophonia is a complex disorder, so simple explanations aren’t likely to be useful. We don’t know enough about misophonia to make hard, fast rules about it.

Posts that suggest any degree of prejudice, intolerance, or are otherwise disparaging of others go against our standard practices. When venting about triggers or annoyances, it is important not to generalize. Although some legitimate differences and qualities exist in groups, it’s best to focus on specific examples made by individuals.