Currently we do not know of any confirmed cure for misophonia.

However, members of our forum have some suggestions to help reduce the intensity of triggers and discuss possible treatments. You can find the Support Forum here

Some people believe that avoidance of triggers may make the condition worse yet others find stress can be reduced by avoiding triggers and/or learning coping mechanisms to use when exposed to problem sounds.

Paying attention to the basics may help. People who have a healthy and balanced diet, engage in consistent and adequate exercise and manage stress may have less intense or less frequent problems with sensitivity to sounds.

pic02Some possible treatment methods to explore are: Neuro-Feed Back, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psycho-therapeutic hypnotherapy and “rewiring” the brain’s reflexes. The use of sound generating equipment, ear plugs and sound masking audio may be of use and are things to learn about and consider. Some people have had success with some of these methods of treatment and symptom management.

Don’t give up!

Explore all the methods other people use to see if they are helpful to you. Many people find ways to reduce the symptoms they experience and in so doing, help make their lives easier.

Various treatment methods will be added to this section when they become available for review.  Have you heard of a treatment or had success with a coping mechanism? Share it with others!

Ads for misophonia treatments may be placed on this page. Please contact the admin for details. The treatments presented in any ads appearing on this page will be investigated for professionalism in presentation and content but these treatments may not be clinically and/or scientifically proven. Since there is no known cure or effective treatment known at this time, potential treatment modalities will be allowed to advertise on this page, however, the treatment modalities appearing here are not specifically endorsed by the Misophonia Online Website.

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