The Misophonia Support Group on Facebook is nearing 20,000 members! As a large group, we must vet people before admitting them as members in order to present an organized and focussed support group. If you’d like to join the group, here is the link:

The first step in being approved for membership is to answer these three membership qualifying questions:

  1. This group is for people with misophonia (not parents, spouses, researchers, healthcare professionals, or friends). DO YOU HAVE MISOPHONIA? If so, briefly describe your experience with it thus far.
  2. Have you read the group guidelines/rules (found in the group about & description sections) and do you agree to follow them?
  3. Are you at least 18 years old? (Note: You must answer all three of these questions to receive approval for membership)

Next, a person must have a legitimate Facebook page for us to review. It is the price of admission into the group. In some cases, a Facebook page does not meet our approval. One such circumstance is when the page is blank (or very light on information). Blank pages may indicate that the account is fake. There are other indicators of a fake page, and we are aware of them. A prospective member’s identity cannot be anonymous. People with fictitious Facebook names are not routinely approved.

There are, however, some valid reasons for having a Facebook page with limited or non-standard information. We do make exceptions to the “active and personally identifiable” requirements, but we do not make them lightly.

We respect an individual’s privacy, but we also have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the membership. Therefore, one must present sufficient alternate information/explanation to the admin when an active, personally identifiable Facebook page doesn’t exist. It is the responsibility of the person requesting membership to supply adequate information. There is no standard test.