Misophonia Videos

This page features videos in which people discuss their experiences with misophonia. Some of the videos may contain trigger sounds or describe various trigger sounds. Some people are sensitive to hearing descriptions of trigger events, so please keep that in mind. Some of the videos explain the triggering process as it is experienced by people who suffer from this disorder and visually capture the very intense reactions and feelings people with misophonia experience.

Use this page to kick-start your exploration of videos on misophonia because there are many more videos available on the Internet. Search for misophonia, sound sensitivities, “I have a problem with certain sounds,” etc. You can also search using words relative to your situation such as: “why does chewing bother me so much?”

For more about the film Quiet Please… please visit: http://www.quietpleasefilm.com/

Does the sound of someone chewing drive you crazy?

Posted by Seeker on Monday, February 27, 2017