How does misophonia make you feel?

(descriptions from people with the disorder)

Hatred, anger, anxiety…. just want to punch someone or I can’t get away fast enough.

Anger and anxiety. My fight or flight takes full effect.

I feel how a wet towel looks when it is being ringed dry really, really tightly

Feels like I could hit whatever the source is with a bat.

It comes in stages, first irritation, then frustration, then it quickly escalates to anger and anxiety and then if it continues, I absolutely have to take myself out of the situation or I feel as though I will lose it. If I can’t leave the room/area I have to cover my ears until I can figure out an escape, all the while feeling frantic/panic.

It feels like a state of emergency.

Physical tension, like full body.

I get heated, confused, want to punch myself or something and feel like leaving or runaway.
All because I heard a sound or see something. I try to avoid it by looking ahead.

Like I’m in hell.

Severe reaction is to flee.

Anxiety, the feeling of tightness, then just rage, then the feeling like needing to run, followed by extreme mental pain.

My blood turns to fire.

Anxiety, anger, my stomach balls up, my jaw clamps down and I start thinking very unpleasant thoughts.

Extreme anger and emotional. I lose concentration on everything and feel a wave of numb withdrawal. Sometimes if it’s really bad like my father in laws ice chewing I my face turns red and start to shake.

I get so angry that I can’t take it. I want to scream and tell the people to STOP doing whatever it is that is causing my anger. It’s very upsetting for me because I hate the feeling that I get.

Rage. Panic. Physical pain. Fight or flight. If I can’t leave the trigger, I have to spend all of my mental and physical energy squelching the urge to scream or cry. I have developed a type of PTSD about going to certain places I know will have triggers and feel panicked and sick before I even go there.

Brain static and overwhelming need to fight/run.

Extreme fear. To a point I wish I die.

Panic inside my chest and a boiling feeling in my head where I could hurt people around me if I don’t control it.

Anger/disgust. It took me a while to figure out exactly what emotion for me.

I feel sick to my stomach, get a lump in my throat, and I want to get away ASAP.

Rage/Disgust. I just instantly get pissed off and want to just scream at whoever is triggering me. I usually just glare and walk away or if I’m at work, put my earbuds in and crank the music up!

Disgust, then frustration then anger/rage which gets worse because the cause usually seems amplified where that is all I notice. I usually have to leave.

I feel like crying/very mad and can feel the heat coming up my neck. Wanna just punch something. Or someone!

Makes me think really horrible thoughts of the person making the noise.

Depends on the sound, sometimes cringe into a ball with shudders and goosebumps, sometimes near-uncontrollable rage.

Anger and panic. Fight or flight. I want to cry.

First, I’m uncomfortable. Then I get angry. Then I start shaking.

My stomach twists into knots and my chest tightens, I get a surge of adrenaline, the feeling of frustration and anger fill my head and all I can do is focus on the sound entering a feedback loop making the above worse and worse. If it goes on long enough, I’ll get a headache behind my eyes.

I hear my pulse through my ears and everything goes black for a second, until I can control it by breathing.

Agitation quickly turning into rage.

Instant fist clenching, teeth clamping rage. I’m not sure that I am aware of anything else other than how to get away from it.

Anxiety, nausea, I wanna pull my own hair out and run.

I feel like I instantly want to headbutt the closest wall.

Anxiety and annoyance, and the longer the sound continues the anxiety turns into anger/rage.

I want to scream and punch and kick. I’ll either mimic the sound or make noises in my head to try to cover the trigger.

Flash of rage. At first, I can ignore it but if it keeps happening I eventually lose my cool. Everyone thinks I’m so mellow until some repetitive noise turns me into a madman.

Intense heat and anger.

Agitated, angry, stomach turning, rage, heat, heart thumping, fear, stomach in my throat, panic, then try to calmly figure out how to get away from it.

Repulsed & angered.

Like someone sent a shock through my body, started at the base of my skull.

I cringe and want to get away from the sound & if I can’t, I press my ears so the sound is muffled.
I wince in pain. My stomach drops and every muscle in my body tenses up and I start twitching. I will literally inflict pain on myself to distract from it, leave the room, or scream at the one making the noise if it happens more than a couple of times.

I get hot and sweaty and panicky.

Like I want to scream at the person.

Feels like the snap of a rubber band! I can snap just that fast if you pull my trigger!

People’s faces become EXTREMELY punchable. the world flashes red.

I wince internally and can only describe it as my “bones shaking” but still feel that it doesn’t accurately articulate my discomfort.

My anger increases as the number of offenses increases, especially by the same offender!


  1. A repeat offender who knows certain sounds annoy me, but does it anyway, causes a rage to rise up in me that is scary. I have zero tolerance for mouth noises, ie., gum popping, talking with food in mouth, smacking, etc. I always thought it was because my mom taught me to chew with my mouth shut and to eat quietly that caused me be annoyed at folks who did the opposite.

    • This sounds identical to my issues. It is far worse if someone knows it is a trigger sound and yet they continue to do it or don’t take me seriously. I will just keep asking for it to stop, too. The reactions both physical and mental are far too severe if I don’t make the noise stop somehow.

    • I have a really similar problem but the one time I told my parent (the worst offender) she somehow guilt-tripped me into feeling bad about it.

  2. I know how it feels. Now add in certain words, some accents, unnecessary movements, people who make noise to gain attention, people scratching their skin as you speak to them, digging in their ears, mouth and noses, faces that don’t seem to realize they are out in public, certain commercials, bad actors, neck stretching, Oh, and cartoon voices…Just to name a few!

  3. People slamming doors and yanking kitchen utility drawers open in a upstairs flat above me (i live on a ground floor).
    Worse than that people that bray on your door like its judgement day terrifies and infuriates me i can’t answer the door because i am shaken,distracted offended.
    People that make groaning noises and exaggerated yawns for every flipping movement its always the same offenders who I have to deal with ,that nervous fake cough cough and the icing on The cake after having warthog houseguests drive you crazy they all want
    To have a pudding in a plastic pot (a example ,muller yogurt ) with a tiny spoonl all scraping the granny out of s empty gdam plastic pot like its the last meal ! Lmao im so glad we cant own arms in the UK cause i wlould be locked up forever

  4. When it’s a SO that is angering me by … lets say very bad high pitched singing…. it turns me off sexually!!! Knowing that they are the source of such a noice… there is no turning back!!

  5. I just found out today that this was an actual thing!!! I thought it was just me! The mouth noise thing… I just cannot take it. Chewing gum, people who do that stupid loud high pitched melodramatic sneeze that goes on and on ( usually by young women who think it’s cutesy), my husband’s chewing: he can eat pasta and it sounds like broken glass. He eats a bowl of ice cream and it sounds like he’s chewing his own molars into pieces. I’ve gotten to the point where I cannot eat in his presence, or go to a restaurant, unless there is enough background music to drown him out. I find myself getting enraged. I literally want to punch him in the face so badly, I have to physically restrain myself, and I’m just counting the moments until it stops.
    I am so glad to know other people have this. I thought I was abnormal. Other people’s habits annoy me so much that being in public is exhausting. I literally just cannot wait to go home.

    • I realised recently that this (misophonia) happens to others as well. I used to think I am a freak or had some bad experience during childhood. I cannot tolerate people eating. That is the worst. And the thing is people are always eating.

  6. This is me exactly…it’s debilitating and has put a huge wedge between my husband and I because I have to leave the room when he eats and scrapes his bowl…I read this article and feel all of these things…

  7. Anytime anything metal scrapes against something I cover my ears and start breathing fast. Especially when I eat with my family. When the silverware scrapes against the plate makes me shudder. My little brother was scraping the 2 together hard and I full on screamed at him to stop. My mom got mad at me for screaming at my brother and asked what the hell is wrong. I didn’t respond to her and felt tears in my eyes. The sound makes me feel uncomfortable and other things. I don’t tell people because they’ll say it’s not a big deal. But if it isn’t a big deal then why do I get like this.

  8. I live in a building that has been under renovations for two plus years now and they use jackhammers, air power tools, and sledgehammers most days from 8 am to 5 pm … since covid I don’t notice as much but now it is my own personal hell. I have three fans a noise maker and an air conditioner running constantly. At its worst my entire apartment vibrates and is so loud I feel like I’m going to explode. Any one have any ideas how to deal with this issue if you can’t leave or have the noise stop!

  9. This sounds like something I’ve experienced, though no official diagnosis. I personally *HATE* the clacking of keyboards, the loud talking of people, especially screams, people making unnecessary and often immature noises. I’m probably gonna end up punching somebody.

  10. My husband is an ice chewer and I literally want to throw him through a window. My oldest daughter does the same and I become instantly enraged and can’t even speak to or be around her. Is there a cure for ice chewing? Because honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the feelings of range when someone does something as horrific as chewing ice. Clearly they are the ones with the problem.

    • Chewing ice can be a sign of iron deficiency. Just a thought.

  11. What I cannot understand is that I make noise, but it does not bother me. But if it comes from someone else, hell breaks out. I can’t stand it.


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